9 Amazing New Songs Nobody Is Talking About Yet Betches

HAPPY F*CKING BIRTHDAY TO ME, EVERYBODY! It finally happened. After years of buildup, the moment I never thought I would live to see has finally arrived: Lil Wayne has released Tha Carter V. I am overjoyed. I am without speech. I truly thought Carter V would be Lil Wayne’s Detox. I can add Weezy F Baby to the extremely short list of men who have not disappointed me today (his name is the only entry on said list). But today is a great day for music releases in general, and not just those from my husband. While you wade through all 23 damn tracks on Tha Carter V (seriously, Weezy, have you not heard of editing?), here’s what else you need to be listening to. Follow the New Music Playlist on the Betches Spotify, where you can listen to all these songs in one place.

“Uproar” by Lil Wayne

Ha. You THOUGHT I would go through this list without a song from Tunechi. You should know me better than that. Full disclosure: at press time, I am only about halfway through the album, and “Uproar” is my favorite so far. It feels the most like old Weezy. It is decidedly a banger. Thank you for attending my TED Talk.

“Big Bills” by The Knocks feat. Big Boi

Ahem, you had me at Big Boi. Friends of Betches, The Knocks, release their album today, New York Narcotic. And let me be clear, the album is all good, but “Big Bills” in particular is f*cking awesome. It’s groovy, it’s bright—it’s dope, plain and simple. It’s so funky and I just feel it so hard. That’s all I can say about it at this time.

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“Price” by Beau Young Prince

This song definitely knocks, and it just came out today. I hit play and was immediately vibing to it. But that’s because it felt familiar. And I was like, WAIT A SECOND. How is “Price” by Beau Young Prince NOT “What You Like” by 24hrs feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa with slightly different lyrics? YOU GUYS. The songs are one and the same. I smell a lawsuit in the near future. Or is this clearly a sample and I’m dumb? Cast your votes in the comments.

“Teach You” by Tiffany Young

I’m digging the Burn Book-inspired cover art of this song, and I’m digging this song even more. Tiffany Young is a boss. Her voice is so great. This song is so f*cking catchy. This song is precisely what you’d listen to before burning down the house of the guy who just ghosted you. In other words, it is my consistent attitude for the remainder of this presidency. I can’t say enough good things, so I’m going to shut up.

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“Music To My Ears (feat. Tory Lanez)” by Keys N Krates – TroyBoi Remix

That title was a doozy and I’m sure it’s still incorrect. Regardless, this track has all my faves: Tory Lanez, Keys N Krates, and the love of my life, TroyBoi. This comes off Keys N Krates’ new remix project, Cura – The Remixes. This is obviously a lot different than the original, but I still like it a lot. Give it a listen, and then go listen to the rest of the remixes.

“Magnets” by Zeds Dead x Snails

Pretty much, I didn’t need to actually listen to this song to know I would like it. I like Zeds Dead, and I like Snails. Boom. What could go wrong? When two of Canada’s premiere bass/dubstep producers collab, the answer is nothing. This is super heavy, though, so consider yourself warned. This is not casual listening music. This is like, “I’m gonna trash this hotel room and then get in the middle of a mosh pit” music.

“Almost Forgot” by Against The Current

I’m really going against my own rule that I just made up here, because this video came out about a month ago, but I like this song so much that I’m bucking my own (arbitrary) rules. But, the album where this song lives, Past Lives, just came out today, so ha. Against The Current is pop-rock at its best. They’ve been called “the rockin’ love-child of Taylor Swift and Halsey” by the Associated Press, and listening to this song, you’ll get it. Lead singer Chrissy Costanza is goals. That hair. Those eyelashes. That voice. Yeah, this song is really good. I also enjoy how the video takes place in New York, because there’s nothing New Yorkers love more than telling you they’re from New York.

“Bad Boys” by Cierra Ramirez

If “Magnets” was not casual music, “Bad Boys” is. Cierra Ramirez’s voice has a sultry, gravelly quality that I like.If I heard her on a bunch of dance tracks a few months from now, I wouldn’t be surprised. The song itself is pure summertime relaxation with heavy island feels. It’s chill.

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“iloveyou” by BETWEEN FRIENDS

If you need a song to relax you, this is a good one to listen to. This song is the audio equivalent of taking Xanax. It’s dreamy and etherial-feeling. The video feels like my exact experience when I get high in a friend’s apartment in Bushwick.

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