Free credit freeze, fix slow Windows and more: Tech Q&A

Google Silhouettes of laptop and mobile device users are seen next to a screen projection of Google logo in this picture illustration taken March 28, 2018. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration – RC1F87EA23D0

Audit Google

Q: I am wondering if I can see everything that Google has tracked about me? Is that possible or do I need a court order?

A: You would think that a lawyer would be necessary. Google is a giant corporation, and they have been collecting ultra-specific data on their users for years. You may be surprised to learn that Google is very forthright about the information it collects. Granted, the company doesn’t wear this transparency on its sleeve, but there’s a straightforward way to find out every fact Google has collected about your digital life (and your real life, for that matter). Tap or click here to get a copy of all the data Google has on you.

Speed Up Windows

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Q: My computer runs so slow. How can I speed it up? I hate Windows! A: On the bright side, Windows is easy to learn and used almost everywhere. The downside is that Windows is notorious for slowing down over time. Sometimes this is because of malware, and PCs are well known for being susceptible to contamination. Other times, your computer is just full of excess junk – programs you don’t need but are still using precious system memory. All you may need to do is clean house. Tap or click here to quickly remove junk PC programs.

Futuristic Smart Gadgets

Q: I want a smart home like the Jetsons. Are there any smart gadgets that work or is it all a bunch of hype?

A: You’ve posed the question no one wants to ask: is all “smart” technology created equal? The answer is a big, fat “no.” All tech is a matter of taste, and as long as the gadget functions the way it should, every new invention should have its day. But there are three major reasons to invest in smart technology: it makes your life easier, it makes your life more fun, or it saves you money. If you’re looking for a “Jetsons” lifestyle, you’re probably seeking some high-quality, high-impact devices. I have a few recommendations, of course. Tap or click here for 11 smart devices you never know about before now.

Free Credit Freeze

Q: Is it worth it to freeze your credit so hackers can’t get your info? Seems like a hassle to me! Can’t hackers figure out a way around that too?

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A: I think it’s safe to say that most people have never heard of a “credit freeze.” Even if they have heard of it, the phrase “credit freeze” probably sends literal chills down their spines. What does that mean? Can you still apply for a credit card or a home loan while your credit is frozen?

How long will it remain frozen? A credit freeze is a widespread procedure, and it won’t affect your credit at all. A credit freeze is a super way to prevent damage to your financial life. Tap or click here to learn how to freeze your credit.

Print Websites Cleanly

Q: I hate printing pages off the web. So, I copy and paste the text in Word, clean it up, and then print. Is there an easier way?

A: I agree – going to a website and clicking “print” leads to some very ugly printouts. Many printed sites are incoherent, thanks to all the ads and extra information that most people don’t need. Good news, you don’t have to waste a lot of time copying and pasting into a word processor, because you’ll be deleting images and bits of material till the cows come home. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Tap or click here to print web pages without all the ads.

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