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Salesforce began as a small software company selling a single customer relationship management (CRM) product. Nearly 20 years later, that product has evolved into an industry-standard platform and a suite of services tailored to sales, marketing, commerce, customer service, community management, and more. Plus they know how to throw a great party, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Salesforce now has more than 150,000 clients, including Amazon, American Express, T-Mobile, Toyota, and many other leading organizations. So you better bet they’re hiring people who know how to work it.

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Why Salesforce is essential 

Why is Salesforce the go-to CRM for so many high-profile companies? When implemented correctly, it can offer big benefits to their bottom lines. Salesforce reports a 34% increase in agent productivity for customers using Service Cloud, a 25% increase in marketing ROI for Marketing Cloud users, and other impressive metrics. With results like these, it’s not hard to understand why Salesforce experts are in such high demand.

Why you should get certified

While anyone can tinker around with Salesforce, only those who master it can harness the platform’s true potential. That’s why Salesforce provides its most knowledgeable and skilled users a path to becoming Certified Administrators, Advanced Administrators, or App Builders. Prepping for these exams via Salesforce’s official training programs can be cost prohibitive, and they won’t cover everything you need to know. Luckily, they’re not the only game in town.

The Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle brings together three instructor-led courses with a combined 30 hours of content, plus practice tests and hands-on projects to fill in the blanks that other training programs won’t. The courses in this bundle would usually total $1,197, but you can get them here for just $39. It’s an unmissable offer, especially when you consider how valuable a Salesforce certification can be. 

It’s a confidence booster

The Salesforce exam doesn’t just test your ability to commit facts, figures, and features to rote memory. Each exam requires competencies in planning, problem-solving, and maximizing productivity. Validating these competencies through certification can reveal things you never knew about yourself — and reinforce the expertise you already have. This kind of confidence boost can make all the difference when you’re headed into a high-stakes interview.

It’s a resume booster

Speaking of the interview, more and more companies are looking to hire Salesforce-specific roles as the platform grows in popularity. When a hiring manager is sifting through hundreds of applications for those positions, a Salesforce certification can really make one resumé stand out from the rest. Some organizations will actually require at least a basic certification before they even consider an applicant. By preparing for that process now, you can open up far more opportunities — and perhaps avoid an awkward conversation should the question come up during the interview process. 

It’s a salary booster

A tiny investment in your Salesforce education now can provide a major payoff down the road, as certified Salesforce experts can negotiate much higher salaries than their uncertified counterparts. One survey of Salesforce talent in Denver, CO found that that the average uncertified salary of $69,600 grew to $86,850 when a certification was added. That’s a difference of $17,250, a raise that could take years to accumulate otherwise. 

Close the deal

The benefits of a Salesforce certification — from enhanced confidence to increased competitiveness to enlarged compensation — make the Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle a rare bargain for aspiring Salesforce admins and developers. Get certified now for just $39.

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