Hillary Clinton And Powerful Pals Up The Drama On ‘Madam Secretary’

Maybe Hillary Clinton is angling for an Emmy.

The former Democratic presidential nominee joined fellow former secretaries of state Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright on the season premiere of CBS’s “Madam Secretary” Sunday night ― just weeks after she appeared on the network’s revival of “Murphy Brown.”

The three very real ex-Cabinet members offered advice to Téa Leoni’s fictional secretary of state, Elizabeth McCord, after white nationalists committed a terror attack in the White House on the show, according to TVLine.

Clinton crystalized the message for her make-believe successor to impart to the American people. 

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“I think what we’re all saying is talk about what unites us,” Clinton says in the episode, per CNN. “Even in this moment of peril, remind Americans of our nation’s original motto, something that I think about a lot and which seems more important today than ever: E pluribus unum.”

Clinton also appeared on the premiere of the “Murphy Brown” revival, playing a woman who applies to be Murphy’s personal secretary. She got laughs there.

But on Sunday she heightened the drama.

And she apparently helped the TV secretary of state give an amazing speech. 

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