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There’s only one secret to email marketing success – Inboxing! It should come to you
without breaking your bank, or breaking your back.
Sadly, the common experience is that email marketing is insanely complicated because
there’s no reliable way to send emails consistently and get them to inbox.

The autoresponders are no help. They deliver
late, have low open rates, and do not allow
list imports. That’s why when I saw this
new email marketing method I decided I’ll
upgrade to it right away.
It’s Email Jeet. A brand-new pathbreaking
email marketing automation software that
gives you autoresponder level features
right on your desktop PC. All you need
to do is plug your list in, and you’re
ready to roll.
Email Jeet is now LIVE! & it’s so much
superior to any other email tool you’ve
Click here to see it in action.

All you need is two minutes to install this powerful software will make sure you
get better delivery rates and better inboxing than all your competition.
And yes, without the hassles.

Import your list instantly, start mailing.

Never experience downtime again!
Just check out the features
=> Universal plug and play support for any SMTP in the world. Just put it in
and start mailing.
=> In-built SMTP server so you can send mails without a SMTP right from your
VPS or server without nothing else but
Email Jeet.
=> Guaranteed better deliverability than autoresponders as Email Jeet will
give you access to professional SMTPs.
=> Save money sending mails through cheaper SMTPs, or using your hosting’s
=> 100% safe and secure as your list stays with you.
=> Supports mail sequencing and autoresponder triggers.
=> Full support for opt-in forms. Build your list with Email Jeet
without any monthly charge.
=> Gives spam score reviews, clicks and opens reports.
=> Complete list management and unsubscribe compliance.
=> Allows you to send mails in fragments to a targeted list.
=> No break in service as it’s a desktop based mailing app.
=> No need to buy hosting space or upload anything!
=> No monthly fee, just a small one time fee for a lifetime of hassle
free mailing.
=> Works well for both small/big list owners, as it gives total control,
flexibility and saves lots of money.
Email Jeet is on sale right now. You
can save a lot of money! It’s going
to be more expensive soon, so don’t
miss the offer.

Check it out now!
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with this set and forget desktop mailing solution.

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