How to rank on the first page of google with a Live Event and Live Event Blaster

Video is the MOST powerful marketing tool today.

70% of marketers are using YouTube to promote their products and services.
I have an unfair advantage over all these marketers…
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Some years ago, Ranking videos on first page of google and YouTube was easy as 1-2-3…

Nowadays with all this marketers uploading thousands of videos each day is hard to get your video on the
first page of Google or YouTube…

You need a ton of views, an authority channel and perfect SEO optimization…

What if I would told you there is a much easier way…

What if I told you that that I found a backdoor strategy…  YouTube Live Events!

YouTube Events:
-get instant video indexing
-get top rankings!
And after the event finishes it automatically transforms into a normal video!

Find out why YouTube and Google are ‘Loving’ events that  much from this video: [your-afflink]

The problem with Live Events is that streaming live events is kind of tricky.

Another huge setback is that you have to be online when the event is happening.

Live Event Blaster allows you to:
– Create and Schedule a Live Stream
– Auto-Start streaming a local video file as an event
– Keeps track of your views and rankings

How cool is that?

live event blaster  fb

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