Ice-T Was Arrested For The Pettiest Reason Betches

Allow me to be the bearer of bad news today as I recount to you some truly upsetting events on this fine Friday morning. Anyone who is a fan of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit should know that Ice-T is the best and most dedicated detective on the elite squad known as the special victims unit. If you disagree with me and still think Olivia is the best, I would like to point to any episode past 2015 in which Olivia has appeared as evidence that she has gone off her rocker. And if you still don’t agree, drop your location in the comments because I’m calling the police. In any case, whether you’re an Ice-T truther like me or you’re just plain incorrect, it should nonetheless upset you to know that Ice-T was arrested on Wednesday. Serious question: Did he read his own Miranda rights? Was his one phone call to Dick Wolf? Where was Munch in all this?? I need to know everything.

So, here’s the deal. On Wednesday, Ice-T drove through an E-ZPass lane on the George Washington Bridge. For you non-New Yorkers, EZPass is a monthly subscription you pay for a device that sits on your windshield so you don’t have to pay the toll every time you cross between New Jersey and New York. Ice-T apparently did not have his E-ZPass in his car, a McLaren sports car (lol, respect), and thus Ice-T was arrested for theft of services. His car was also so new that he didn’t have a license plate or registration for it, so he got ticketed for that too. LOL, RESPECT.

I’m not a cop (no matter how much I like to think otherwise because of my superior online stalking investigative skills), but arresting someone for not paying a toll seems a little bit extreme. Why not just give him a ticket? Like, he’d already received tickets for the registration and license plates, so why not add it to his tab at that point? Does the P in NYPD stand for “petty”?

Thankfully, our boy Fin didn’t spend time in jail, it seems, as he tweeted a picture of himself filming SVU a short while later. And he doesn’t seem super bent up about it, either. He responded with a pretty lighthearted tweet:

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Agreed. Seems a little extreme to arrest someone for failing to pay a toll—though I guess one could argue the real crime here was ever visiting the state of New Jersey, which is most certainly a jail-able offense. Either way, I’m firmly with Ice-T on this one. FREE FIN!

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