Meghan Markle Is An Awful Friend! Ariana Grande Banging Big Sean! Jordyn Woods WAS SOBER! And… | Perez Hilton – Perez Hilton

Priyanka Chopra has dumped Meghan Markle as a friend because Prince Harry‘s wife did not attend her wedding to Nick Jonas. Is that overreacting????

Ariana Grande and Big Sean are hanging out again! That means they’re totally doing it, right?

Luke Perry suffers a massive stroke!

Jordyn Woods is telling Jada Pinkett Smith she was not even drunk when she hooked up with Tristan Thompson. WHAT could her motivation have possibly been?

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Kris Jenner is exploiting Khloe Kardashian‘s pain for kash!!

Drama’s going down with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran!

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MEGHAN MARKLE and Priyanka Chopra are over:

LUKE PERRY hospitalized:


LADY GAGA’s ex says sorry:

JORDYN WOODS says she was sober:

JORDYN WOODS Instagram has a boom in new followers:

KRIS JENNER securting new deal with E!:

TAYLOR SWIFT pens boring essay:

SELENA GOMEZ drops new single:


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