Scientists Are Sharing Their Brilliant, Nerdy, And Adorable Valentine’s Poems On Twitter

If you thought scientists couldn’t be romantic, then you would be wrong. However, if you didn’t think they would also take the opportunity to turn what some consider to be a commercialized “holiday” into a way to celebrate science in a brilliant, nerdy way through a variety of posts that are in turn sweet, poignant, funny, and clever, you would also be wrong.  

Scientists have been sharing their versions of the old “Roses are red, Violets are blue…” poem, the origin of which dates back over 400 years, in a rather more modern format, posting on Twitter under the hashtag #ScienceValentines.

From surprisingly sweet and yet scientifically informative, to rather scathing of some of the unsavory attitudes floating around today – the defunding of science, or attitudes to vaccinations, for example – nothing is sacred.

OK, some weren’t so romantic.

Some were pragmatic.

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Some used the hashtag to be informative about science, from what their research is on to how scientists carry out studies on their subjects.

Some used it to remind people that science works, but it needs support. 

This was clearly the best one, however.  

There’s still lots of potential to mine and it’s Valentine’s Day all day, folks. If you think of a good one, add yours to the list.

And if Valentine’s Day really isn’t your thing, St Valentine was also the patron saint of beekeepers, the plague, epilepsy, and fainting, so there should be something for everyone.



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