Han Kang hands over book to remain unseen until 2114

Novelist presented the Future Library manuscript wrapped in a ceremonial cloth as used in South Korean rites marking birth and death Instead of launching her latest work in a bookshop surrounded by readers, the award-winning South Korean novelist Han Kang dragged a white cloth through a Norwegian forest before wrapping it around her manuscript, which she handed over to be locked away for 95 years. Han is the fifth writer to have been chosen for Scottish artist Katie Patersons Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

Militias, chaos and starvation: Britain 10 years after Brexit

The Queen has fled, Polish workers have been forced out, and violent factions roam a broken land. Writer Jonathan Meades imagines the country The Great Chaos will create The Great Chip Shortage In 2019, older bigots and veteran xenophobes still recalled with pride the successful campaign Boston and the area of Lincolnshire around it waged in the 1960s against nutria. Once these shy, intelligent South American beasts got wind of their fate, they began to escape from the 50 or so farms that had imported them, head for wetlands, breed prolifically, guzzle crops (wheat, beetroot, turnip) and destabilise fen dykes by burrowing into their banks. The situation was later exacerbated by nutria fur falling out of fashion and the farms …